Hi fellow SLP’s!

Today I wanted to share a quick UPDATE and an OFFER! I am thrilled about what we together are achieving to move our adult speech therapy practices to person-centered care.

It’s a good day today….VERY GOOD! The Honeycomb Speech Therapy blog and website has been plugging along for just under 2 years. This past week, we surpassed 1000 downloads from the website!

This means that if each SLP uses a person-centered download with 10 patients….10,000 patients have received person-centered care instead of card games they dislike or worksheets that don’t help real life function! All because of an idea and dream called Honeycomb Speech Therapy.

Thank you for your support in moving our field toward person-centered care and using evidence to choose how to treat adult rehab patients. If you’ve been following along for the past year or two, you know that we can do so much better than generic workbooks and game closets!

In celebration (and preparation for the new packet coming out very soon!), here is an offer for YOU:

I would love to send you a personalized 50% off 1 item coupon. Here are 2 options for how to receive it in your email:

  1. Email me a review of a product you have purchased! Just type your review and send to Sarah@Honeycombspeechtherapy.com. I will add it to the website.

  2. Submit your own review on the website. Just click the product you want to review and toggle to the “Review” tab underneath the product description.

I will see if you do either of these options and then send you a special 50% off coupon code (This will be nice for the upcoming packet as well!) The coupons will only be sent out for reviews placed by Saturday, March 10.

Thanks again for choosing therapy activities that lead to real outcomes, improved participation and activity, and show the value of what we do in speech therapy!

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