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Goal-Plan-Do-Review framework was initiated as an evidence-based treatment to improve functional outcomes for brain-injured persons, training a process that improves problem-solving, attention, organization, and self-monitoring.

Goal-Setting: This framework was applied to the functional need ***, as identified as a priority by *** (Patient / family / staff). The patient required *** cues to identify goal in 1st step of framework. The time to complete goal-setting was ***. Helpful cues included ***.

Plan-Making: The patient required *** cues to list materials needed for plan. The patient required *** cues to accurately list steps for plan. Helpful cues from SLP included: ***. The time to complete making the plan was ***.

Doing the Plan: Actually performing the task of *** is supported by best-practice recommendations that cognitive-communication skills are practiced within a real-life context. During practice today, the patient was able to complete ***/*** steps of the plan independently, improving to ***/*** with *** cues provided. The patient was able to use *** strategies independently, and used *** strategies when *** cues were provided. Time to complete task was ***, compared to baseline of ***.

Reviewing the Plan: The patient self-rated performance of completing the task and following the plan as ***/10, compared to SLP rating of the patient’s performance of ***/10. The patient was able to identify *** problems that occurred while completing the plan. The patient was able to identify *** as helpful strategies and *** as not-helpful strategies. While planning for next attempt at functional task, the patient was able to generate a new solution to attempt with *** cues.