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Motor Speech Assessment Considerations

Goal Considerations

Because we are hoping to impact communication participation through motor speech disorder treatment, we can feel free to branch out from only measuring performance in regards to % accuracy. Here are some broadened goal areas to consider for motor speech disorders:

Patient-Reported Outcome Measure: “The patient will demonstrate improved communication success as measured by improved score on the Communication Effectiveness Survey (baseline score 15/32), after participating in rhythmic speech cueing 2x/week for 4 weeks.”

Skill: “The patient will produce 4+ word meaningful phrases with correct articulation and 1 self-correction or less per phrase, after participation in (evidence-based treatment).”

Strategy: “The patient will independently demonstrate 2 respiration strategies (take breaths at natural phrases, coordinate phonation with exhalation) in conversation practice.”

Efficiency: “The patient will complete 3 successful exchanges with communication partner in 3 minutes or less (baseline 1 exchange in 3 min).”

Education: “The patient and 2 sisters will participate in education and workshop for supportive communication strategies.”

Retention: “The client will demonstrate improved retention of personally relevant phrases after Motor Learning Guided Treatment, measured by accuracy on the Multi Dimension Rating Scale (baseline score 6).”

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