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Writing Strategies for Primary Progressive Aphasia

Changes in writing ability can be a significant symptom in PPA. If writing is important to you, here are some strategies that may help you maximize your ability to be successful with writing:

Practice: By copying and then recalling the important words you need to write, you may retain your ability to write those practiced words.
Say the word out loud or spell out loud while you write.
Copy: Use pre-made emails or text messages by copying / pasting or with an app like WordBoard
Use Word-Prediction features when texting or typing
Use spell-check and grammar-check options when texting or typing
Use Smart Home Assistants to record information for you. “Alexa, add eggs to my grocery list.”
Use talk-to-text features when available.
Use a personalized template to help you complete important writing tasks (see examples below). The goal is continued participation.

Thank You Card Template:

Check-Writing Template:

Reference: Fried-Oken, M. (2008). Augmentative and alternative communication in persons with primary progressive aphasia. Perspectives on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 17(3), 99-104.

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