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Phone Use

From the Activity Studio

Above is a sample slide from this activity

What's Included?

Target speech, language or cognition within the activity of Phone Use with realistic tasks including:
  • “Break It Down” tasks to target each language or cognition domain, such as discussing phone call topics, remembering conversations, and organizing steps to use phone features.
  • “Put It Together” with higher-level tasks including Practice Voicemails, Practice Phone Scenarios, and Step-by-Step How-To Guides for Calls, Texts, Alarms, Calendars, and More.

Why Practice Activities in Speech Therapy?

It’s as simple as this: If we want to improve real life with speech therapy, we need to practice real life. Not to mention – if we practice a meaningful activity, clients are more engaged and do better! This all leads to a happy, meaningful outcome (improved participation!)

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