You want to use a person-centered care approach — working on meaningful goals and activities with the person you are treating — but it’s just SO. HARD. to know how to do that when all you have is a standardized score from the CLQT (see also: MOCA, WAB, RIPA, WJ-III, TEA, and on and on).

You’re not alone! It’s really hard to figure out a functional need when you’ve been focused on just getting those standardized scores. So what can we do about it? (*Practically. Realistically. We’re ALL on a time schedule here.)

Introducing: The Discovering Functional Needs Series. I’m going to be blogging about real, practical tools (FREEBIES INCLUDED!) over the next several weeks so that you can feel at ease and prepared to treat with a person-centered approach from the get-go. This series is all about the Person-Centered Assessment process — and how we can start to use speech therapy in meaningful ways from Day 1.

We are going to be talking in length about:

When used the right way, all of these tools can be used to help you Discover Functional Needs (in a FAST evaluation).

I can’t wait to share more – Stay Tuned for easy tools for your Person-Centered Assessment!

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  1. I am interested in these topics would love to have more functional and patient assessment and treatment skills to improve outcomes

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