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Back To Work Series

(2 customer reviews)


Back To Work Series

(2 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This item is now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


This 58-page downloadable activity book is all about the skills someone needs to get Back To Work! Evidence shows that language and cognition need to be addressed in a functional context–so here is an easy way to customize your therapy for any job task (selling cars, engineering, stocking groceries, you name it!). Topics include: Interviews, Meetings, Emails, Reports or Policies, Entering Data, Prioritizing or Schedule Management, Customer Service, Training or Teaching, Persuasion, and Managing Inventory.

Each Topic includes Activities with person-centered language to make it customizable, Strategies & Accommodations, and a Documentation Guide for ideas on how to target an activity toward a specific language or cognition goal. Plus, lots of printables such as sample emails, meeting content, phone calls, and data entry!

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2 reviews for Back To Work Series

  1. Emily Taylor (verified owner)

    I work in an inpatient rehab, and I am really excited to implement these tasks with my patients. While most of my patients are retired, I get the occasional younger person who needs help with work-related tasks while they recover. I’m glad to have finally come across these ideas that are functional and evidence-based. Thanks for the hard work that went in to creating this series!


    • Sarah Baar

      Thank you for your feedback, Emily! Enjoy!

  2. Sophia Walters

    Hello, I’m wondering when this series and the returning home series will be back in stock?

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