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Conversation Partner Training

(2 customer reviews)


Conversation Partner Training

(2 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This item is now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


Training communication partners is vital for person-centered care and better real-life outcomes for persons with aphasia. Let’s set our patients and families up for success at home by using evidence-based techniques and in-context practice.

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What's Included?

This 41-page download highlights evidence-based conversation training techniques including Promoting Aphasics’ Communicative Abilities (PACE), Conversational Coaching, and Reciprocal Scaffolding. This packet includes everything you need to implement in therapy including:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions for Use
  • Goal-Setting and Documentation Samples
  • Personalized Strategy Examples + In-Session Forms
  • 20+ Conversation Prompts and Messages that can be scaled or adapted to practice real conversations in therapy
  • 15 pages of color photo scenes to help spark conversation


2 reviews for Conversation Partner Training

  1. Nathania (verified owner)

    The conversation packet training is an awesome tool to help adults with aphasia be able to communicate effectively in a natural setting. I used the Reciprocal Scaffolding techniques to help a patient improve his teaching skills as he plans to return to work as a high school teacher. Topics to teach were chosen by patient and were very relevant to his work (I.e teaching history topics, math lessons).

    • Sarah Baar

      I love that you used his profession! I bet he loved it too!

  2. [email protected]

    I can think of several clients and their care-partners who would benefit from the conversation partner training packet! I’ll purchase it as soon as it is back in stock!

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