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Functional Cognition: Book 1 – Goal Management Training

(4 customer reviews)


Functional Cognition: Book 1 – Goal Management Training

(4 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This English and Spanish versions now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+



Offered in English and Spanish, pages correspond exactly.

Book 1: Goal Management Training uses this evidenced-based treatment through a Goal-Plan-Do-Review process for real-life needs (anywhere from ordering food in the hospital to paying bills on time). This process has been shown to improve problem-solving, strategy use, self-regulation, organization, and life participation.

Libro 1: Entrenamiento del manejo de objetivos utiliza específicamente el proceso objetivo-planear-ejecutar-revisar, que es un tipo de Instrucción de Estrategia Metacognitiva. Este proceso ha demostrado que mejora la resolución de problemas, empleo de estrategias, la autorregulación, organización, y participación en la vida. Este paquete incluye Ideas de Necesidades Funcionales (incluidas “por entornos”), estrategias personalizadas y plantillas de ejemplo, establecimiento de objetivos y ejemplos de documentación diaria, formatos de documentación en la sesión para el Fonoaudiólogo/Terapeuta del lenguaje/Logopeda/Patólogo del habla y lenguaje  y la persona, y listas de evidencia y resúmenes.

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What's Included?

Update 2021: This English and Spanish versions now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


This 24-page download helps you use the framework within real-life functional scenarios. This packet includes:

  • Research Summaries + Step-by-Step Protocol Cheat Sheet
  • Functional Need Ideas (by setting and category)
  • Personalized Strategy Ideas + examples
  • Goal-setting, Documentation Samples, + In-Session Scoring Forms


Descarga de 24 páginas:

  • Resúmenes de Investigación
  • Guía de Apoyo del Protocolo Paso a Paso
  • Ideas de Necesidades Funcionales
  • Establecimiento de Objetivos, Documentación, + Formatos de Puntuación


4 reviews for Functional Cognition: Book 1 – Goal Management Training

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    I just downloaded this packet, and I think it looks great. I’m a home health SLP who uses the Goal-Plan-Do-Review model frequently, but I’m not this organized about it. I think the information and forms in this packet will help me to help my patients get more out of the therapy.

    • Sarah Baar

      Great Lisa! I am so happy to hear it has been helpful to you and your patients!

  2. Carlye McLaughlin (verified owner)

    Just finished downloading, printing and reading this book and I appreciate the details for personalizing the strategies listed in the book. The goal-setting examples will be helpful when I use this resource in the IRF/SNF/ECF facilities I work in. I will be able to adapt the strategies for use in the acute rehab setting I also work in. The documentation samples are very thorough and appreciated also!

    • Sarah Baar

      Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to give feedback, Carlye! I would love to hear how you use and adapt Goal Management for your patients! 🙂

  3. Nathania Braum (verified owner)

    The GPDR has been a very helpful treatment framework for my home health patients. The client template is awesome! It’s written out in a very clear and organized manner. I’ve used it to help with oral care procedure steps, and establishing morning routines. And I plan to use for many other functional goals as well. Thank you!! 😀

    • Sarah Baar

      Thank you Nathania! I’m just so happy to hear the ways you’ve used this evidence-based treatment in a meaningful way.

  4. Laura Morgan

    I love all your resources and am so grateful for you! I’ve paid for access to the activity studio but see your Functional Cognition: Book 1 – Goal Management Training is a separate purchase, but says it is out of stock. Can you let me know when it is available ([email protected]) or if there is another downloadable resource already available through your activity studio? Thanks for everything you do!!

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Functional Treatment for Cognition Bundle (Books 1-4)


Offer flexible treatment options to meet functional goals for cognition with the complete collection of Books 1-4. The Bundle is a 115+-page download that includes:

  • Goal Management Training
  • Step-By-Step Activity Training
  • External Cognitive & Language Aids
  • Spaced Retrieval
  • BONUS: Med Management Packet with sample activities and goals
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