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Functional Cognition: Book 2 – Step-By-Step Activities

(3 customer reviews)


Functional Cognition: Book 2 – Step-By-Step Activities

(3 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This English and Spanish versions now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


Offered in English and Spanish, pages correspond exactly.

Book 2: Step-by-Step Activities uses a step-by-step instruction method and errorless learning principles, which are integrated with personally relevant needs. This method is intended to increase activity and participation for daily tasks for those with moderate and severe cognitive impairments (due to attention, memory, problem-solving, etc.).

Libro 2: Actividades paso a paso analiza el incremento en la actividad y participación mediante de tareas diarias específicas para aquellos con dificultades cognitivas moderadas a severas debido a una lesión cerebral o dificultades de aprendizaje. Las mejores prácticas incluyen un método de instrucción paso a paso y principios de aprendizaje sin errores, que se integran con necesidades personalmente relevantes. Este paquete incluye Ideas de Necesidades Funcionales (incluidas “por entornos”), establecimiento de objetivos de acuerdo al entorno y ejemplos de documentación diaria, formatos de documentación en la sesión para el Fonoaudiólogo/Terapeuta del lenguaje/Logopeda//Patólogo de habla y lenguaje y para la persona, plantillas de programas para la casa y listas de evidencia. ¡Todo lo que necesitas para la terapia!

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What's Included?

Update 2021: This English and Spanish versions now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


This 21-page download helps you use the intervention to meet real participation needs. This packet includes:

  • Research Summaries + Step-by-Step Protocol Cheat Sheet
  • Functional Need Ideas (by setting and category)
  • Personalized Strategy Ideas + examples
  • Goal-setting, Documentation Samples, + In-Session Scoring Forms

Descarga de 21 páginas:

  • Resúmenes de Investigación
  • Guía de Apoyo del Protocolo Paso a Paso
  • Ideas de Necesidades Funcionales
  • Establecimiento de Objetivos, Documentación, + Formatos de Puntuación


3 reviews for Functional Cognition: Book 2 – Step-By-Step Activities

  1. Carlye McLaughlin (verified owner)

    Very detailed resource to use with a variety of patients. The functional needs ideas listed by task and by setting are very relevant as well as can spark more specific/personal ideas to use with patients. I’m looking forward to using this in the multiple settings I work in.

  2. Annie (verified owner)

    I used this yesterday with a very apprehensive patient who was convinced speech therapy would not be helpful to her. I used this resource to help teach her how to open and use her cell phone so she could call her friends and text her children, a personal goal of hers. It was super successful and my patient was SO excited and happy that she was making progress with this goal, something she thought she would never be able to do! This is a GREAT, easy to follow and relevant resource that directly targets functional needs and can help make a tremendous difference in our patients daily lives.

    • Sarah Baar

      I LOVE hearing these stories. Keep it up, Annie!

  3. Nathania Braum (verified owner)

    Amazing resource for home health! I used the step-by-step training and systematic instruction to help a patient implement safe swallow strategies. Due to her advanced age and decreased cognition, she required a written list of steps as a visual external cognitive aid .
    I also used the step-by-step approach to train caregivers and family members to prepare purée meals for patient. Family benefitted from
    A visual list of steps to learn the steps of how to blend, mix, and test the consistency of the food. Patient, caregiver, and family all report success and increased swallow safety because of the written list of steps and systematic instruction. Thank you again for a very helpful product!

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Functional Treatment for Cognition Bundle (Books 1-4)


Offer flexible treatment options to meet functional goals for cognition with the complete collection of Books 1-4. The Bundle is a 115+-page download that includes:

  • Goal Management Training
  • Step-By-Step Activity Training
  • External Cognitive & Language Aids
  • Spaced Retrieval
  • BONUS: Med Management Packet with sample activities and goals
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