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Functional Treatment for Primary Progressive Aphasia

(2 customer reviews)


Functional Treatment for Primary Progressive Aphasia

(2 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This item is now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


Functional Treatment for Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) is an 80-page download for speech-language pathologists treating PPA. Focus on a person-centered approach for assessment, education about PPA types, and evidence-based treatments including Lexical Retrieval Cascade, Generative Naming Treatment, Script Training, Communication Supports, Need-Based Strategies, and high-tech options for communication and participation needs. All activities designed with the ability to use meaningful words for the unique people you treat.

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What's Included?

Download and go for your speech therapy sessions. This product uses evidence with relevance and includes:

  • Needs Assessment Tools + Goal-Setting Examples
  • Education Handouts 
  • Communication Partner Training Strategies
  • Lexical Retrieval Cascade, Generative Naming Treatment, Script Training, In-Session Scoring, Documentation Samples, and Home Programs
  • Personalized Approach to Communication Supports
  • Technology Lists for Communication and Other Needs
  • Picture Supports for Important Conversation


2 reviews for Functional Treatment for Primary Progressive Aphasia

  1. Mandie

    I’ve been LOVING this resource. I am so impressed at how comprehensive and patient-centered it is!

    I really love that the pages can be printed to assist with patient, family, and physician education about the subtypes of PPA, role of speech pathology services, and functional treatment options for PPA. I also love that you included the research to support each treatment approach and pictures in your examples.

    After using it for several weeks, I can’t say that there’s anything I did not truly love (I’ve been using it daily!). Everything was very simple and easy to read.

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    Love Love LOVE. The resources in this book are so user-friendly and straight forward. I specifically find the chapter on training communication partner and patient strategies extremely beneficial in my daily practice. The chapters on high and low tech AAC were also well appreciated, as I’m not as familiar with communication devices. Excellent resource – great language activities, datasheets, documentation samples, and goal examples. Extremely practical for clinicians and I highly recommend.

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