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Activity Studio

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The new and improved Activity Studio offers EVERYTHING from Honeycomb Speech Therapy and more. Have instant access to hundreds of participation-focused Treatments, Strategies, Education handouts, Real-life Activities, designed for adult speech therapy.

Ready to use / print / customize / type / email so your clients get the best from you, and you get the best from your therapy materials.

Save Tons of Time

No prep, ready-to-go solutions at your fingertips, including therapy templates, real-life activities, home programs, education handouts, documentation samples, and so much more.

Use Evidence + Relevance

Every part of the Activity Studio has been designed to integrate the best practices of person-centered care with evidence-inspired therapy activities. You’ll be doing good, quality therapy that matters.

Get Life-Changing Outcomes for Your Clients

Customizable options ensure that you can easily personalize therapy. Giving choices and using valued activities in therapy is what life participation is all about. 

Hundreds of Resources for Confident Clinical Decision-Making

Sign up for $16 / month

$12 / month

We did the prep work so you can do the critical thinking for what will best serve your client. Access hundreds of evidence-inspired treatments, strategies, education handouts, and real-life activities, with everything you need to use and customize in therapy. The Activity Studio is flexible – use it right off your device, or print, or email. It’s a Studio – feel free to create and improvise with customizable picture and text options.

“I have to share with you how your Honeycomb materials have saved my career! I now practice as a very confident therapist, who addresses functional needs. My patients make amazing progress and truly see life changes… all because of your hard work! This has renewed my love for our field, lessened my preparation time for clients, and changed many of my patient’s lives already.”



"The Activity Studio has decreased my session prep time and allowed me more time to focus on engaging with my patients. The activities are adaptable, vibrant and cover a wide range of functional topics. I can see this product easily becoming my go-to resource in my outpatient neurology clinic!"



"THANK YOU SARAH! You have truly created a one-of-a-kind resource gold mine! Everything is so easy (and ready) to use. I loved looking through all of the materials and cannot wait to use it with all my patients! I truly believe this is going to help both my patients and myself feel more comfortable and confident that therapy is really making a difference!"



Save Tons of Time

Ready-to-go therapy materials:

Screen, Print, Email, Write. Whatever works for you!

Customizable word or picture supports within treatment packets

Your client wants to work on bird-watching terms during Semantic Feature Analysis? No prob. Need to make a picture-based breakfast menu? You can!

Direct links to (free!) useful tools for your clinical workflow

Where are those norms for Maximum Phonation Time? Check.

Documentation and goal-setting samples

Need a launchpad to get going on efficient documentation? We’ll get you started.

Use Evidence + Relevance

Evidence-inspired Treatments and Strategies that can be filtered by clinical diagnosis or modality in an instant

What are my treatment choices for discourse in aphasia? Done.

Assessment considerations "at a glance"

Haven’t seen a PPA client in a while? Resources for a person-centred assessment are compiled for your efficient and meaningful decision-making

Strategy handouts inspired by the evidence so you can get right to work.

What strategies SHOULD you try to improve phone use with memory disorders? We've got you covered.

Every component is designed with a participation-focused treatment model, so you focus on meaningful life activities right away

Get Life-Changing Outcomes for Your Clients

Your therapy time is about to be rejuvenated.

When you use a participation approach in therapy, you’re changing lives!

Give your client actual choices about what to work on in therapy.

With everything available in the click of a button, your client can pick the activity, strategy, or treatment!

Maximize progress with ready-to-go, customizable home program templates

Satisfaction Focused

Need something added to make your SLP-life easier? The Activity Studio will be growing each month based on what YOU need!

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