One Click: Script Training

One Click: Script Training

If you are like me, you are busy treating patients during the day and can’t absorb a treatment protocol / prep materials / figure out who to use it with / figure out how to word things in documentation… all on your lunch break.

Here’s where the One Click series comes in: This series highlights various treatment protocols that are evidence-based, and I will provide everything you need to implement the therapy in just One Click (or 1 download!). They include a person-centered section to explain how you can use the materials in a person-centered way. So far, VNeSTCART, and RET have been covered.

Today we are talking about Script Training: With the upcoming holidays, this is the perfect time of year to incorporate meaningful goals through scripts that your Person can use with holiday gatherings!  See below for the Script Training Quick Reference Sheet, Holiday Script Ideas, and Key References. Everything else you need to start using Script Training in therapy can be found in the Script Training Packet.

_dsc1947 *Please note the following are my personal notes from reading the research; key references below if you would like to review them yourself.

Who should I use Script Training with?

-Script Training has been successful with both fluent and nonfluent aphasia.

-Script Training has also been successful with acquired apraxia of speech.

What sort of goals would Script Training address?

-Improved accuracy and speed for a script that meets a specific functional need

-Improved confidence while communicating script information in a variety of situations

-Improved total word production

What does the evidence say I should expect?

-Improvement on topic content, grammatical productivity, and speaking rate for all scripts

-Increased communication across a variety of situations and listeners

-Improved patient rating of naturalness and confidence while speaking

How does Script Training relate to a person-centered approach?

-Script Training is completely personalized and dependent on the Person’s situation and goal! The content is highly meaningful and relevant to the Person (because it is chosen by them!).

-The Person’s word choices are used, so responses sound natural and access preserved wording.


What are some Holiday Gathering Script Training Ideas?

This is a perfect time of year to talk to your Person and see what the upcoming holiday plans may be over the next month or so! Here are some functional ideas we could help our People prepare for in therapy–please feel free to personalize based on your Person’s exact situation: holiday-scripts


What do I need to start Script Training tomorrow?

Click Here To Download the Script Training Packet!

This 8-page download will allow you to use Script Training tomorrow, with no further prep. You will find the protocol cheat sheet, key articles, an in-session therapy form, template for Script Training and home program, and a documentation sample!

Please also check out the VNeST Packet CART Packet, and RET if you work with aphasia!

Enjoy adding Script Training to your practice and adding value to your speech therapy session (with real life results for your Person)!

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