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Home Sweet Home Series

(18 customer reviews)


Home Sweet Home Series

(18 customer reviews)


Update 2021: This item is now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


40-page downloadable home topic activity list + documentation guide to address language and cognition goals through a functional/participation-based lens.

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18 reviews for Home Sweet Home Series

  1. Michelle

    These tasks are evidence based and functional, there is not much out there like this I’m excited to try some of these tasks with my home and community based clients!

  2. Katy D (verified owner)

    So excited to see something truly functional and also portable to address some of my higher functioning patients needs. So easy for the patient to see the correlation between the task and their goals for returning to home.

  3. Sydney (verified owner)

    I love to use functional topics like this for cognitive rehabilitation, as the patient is preparing for actual tasks they will do at home (as well as taking ownership for their participation and progress in therapy)! Thank you for taking the time to organize this in a way that helps me be efficient with preparation, while remaining functional for my patients.

  4. Amy Arens (verified owner)

    Love your products! Makes my life easier! I just grab and go! I especially like the fact that they are evidence-based and easy to use! Takes the guess work away! Thank you for your hard work and wonderful products!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  5. Joan Santon (verified owner)

    Excellent therapy materials. Well organized, very functional. Makes it very easy to provide customized therapy for individuals to become more functionally independent. After placing my order, the materials were available to download right away. All were well formatted for easy saving and printing. Thank you so much, from me, my patients, and my clients.

  6. Katherine Kougentakis (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this product! I always tried to do these types of things with my patients, and now that it is all in one place it makes it that much easier, especially for giving handouts for home exercise! I also appreciated the goal writing portion. So nice to get fresh ideas that are functional and meaningful to our patients!

  7. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Very functional, especially for higher level clients in home care. I also liked the sample documentation. At times some of the old workbooks do not seem relevant to our client’s daily lives, while this was more relevant. I look forward to trying some of the other products.

  8. Carrie (verified owner)

    Very helpful for home care patients. Well organized and functional.

  9. Christina (verified owner)

    This is a resource that I find invaluable to my practice in Outpatient Rehabilitation. Activities are thematically organized (e.g. medication managment, cooking, cleaning) which helps target the patient’s functional/participation goals and facilitates preparation for sessions. All in all a fantastic resource!

  10. Blair (verified owner)

    This is a great resource to supplement more traditional therapy materials. It’s super actionable, well-organized, and has a wealth of ideas for many different household activities. As a new SLP who is still getting the hang of what tasks target what cognitive domains, it was really helpful to have the accompanying documentation guide for each activity. Really allows you to work on activity limitations directly, and gear treatment towards greater life participation and quality of life!

  11. Kristen (verified owner)

    A ton of great ideas! There are not many resources like this, that target cognitive communication issues in such a functional way. The variety of themes is helpful in targeting specific patient interests.

  12. Amber G Lockhart

    I am absolutely in love with this therapy book! It has so many great, functional activities for patients to help ensure patient-centered care. I will be recommending this one to all my SLP friends and colleagues.

    • Sarah Baar

      Oh Amber! That is so nice of you to say! This book was my first venture into patient-centered care, and still my favorite too! Thank you!

  13. Tina Bolyard

    This info looks very helpful.

    • Sarah Baar

      Great, Tina! I hope it makes it easy for you to provide functional, relevant speech therapy. Enjoy!

  14. Jessica (verified owner)

    This is an excellent resource that I use daily in my practice.! I work both acute care and inpatient rehabilitation. I love having easy access to functional materials . I highly recommend!!

    • Sarah Baar

      Thank you Jessica!

  15. Chanell

    When will this be back in stock??

    • Sarah Baar

      Stay tuned for 2020! 🙂

  16. ameliagermain

    Will there be a new one uploaded for 2020?! I can’t wait and my department is eager to purchase it!

    • Sarah Baar

      This is currently being upgraded to something bigger and better – stay tuned! I am close to launching – should be ready by June!

  17. Natasha

    Is there a new version of this product available? Thanks!

  18. Shannon Sullivan

    Where can I find this? I see that it is in the comprehensive Activity Studio, but when I search for it, I am unable to find.

    • Sarah Baar

      Hi Shannon! This is majorly expanded in the Activity Studio – it’s the whole Real Life Activities section! There are dozens of topics now 🙂

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