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Let’s get functional! The Activity Studio access includes hundreds of ready-to-go therapy tasks for speech, language, and cognition: each Activity topic focuses on realistic tasks, so our clients can practice Participation through speech therapy.

Why the Activity Studio?

The Honeycomb Speech Therapy Activity Studio comes with everything you need to focus on participation – by targeting language and cognition within meaningful activities in speech therapy.

  • Use ready-to-go Therapy Activities on a screen or print.
  • Promote great outcomes and patient satisfaction, based on research principles. See references about targeting Participation in therapy HERE.
  • Save so.much.time on therapy planning.
  • Practice real-world activities for speech, language, and cognition. No matter what you’re targeting, your client can pick the Activity topic!
  • Access the newest and ever-growing Activity topics within the Studio.
  • Know with confidence you are making a meaningful difference through speech therapy

Satisfaction Focused

Need something added to make your SLP-life easier? The Activity Studio will be growing each month based on what YOU need!

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How does it work?

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Take a look at the Activities and see if we can save you time and energy to make therapy meaningful and functional for your clients. Each activity includes 40+ therapy prompts within that theme.

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Use the Activity Studio

No prep needed - decide what Activity topic you want to work on with your client, and you’re ready to go. The Activity Studio is flexible: use it right off your device (Telehealth, tablet, phone, laptop), or print the slides. It’s a Studio - so feel free to create and improvise!

Warning: It's Fun

Be prepared to have a pep in your step and have the most fun you’ve ever had in speech therapy. There’s nothing like having a mutual goal - better life participation! - and an easy way to work on that goal together with the client. It’s good, quality therapy, and it’s at your fingertips.

What Other SLPs Say

"THANK YOU SARAH! You have truly created a one-of-a-kind resource gold mine! Everything is so easy (and ready) to use. I loved looking through all of the materials and cannot wait to use it with all my patients! I truly believe this is going to help both my patients and myself feel more comfortable and confident that therapy is really making a difference!"



“I have been a huge fan of Sarah’s products for some time now. She is so passionate about creating materials to help clinician’s achieve functional outcomes with their patients. I use her materials on a weekly basis.”



"The Activity Studio has decreased my session prep time and allowed me more time to focus on engaging with my patients. The activities are adaptable, vibrant and cover a wide range of functional topics. I can see this product easily becoming my go-to resource in my outpatient neurology clinic!"



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