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Copy and Recall Treatment (CART)


Copy and Recall Treatment (CART)


Update 2021: This item is now included in the comprehensive Activity Studio+


Copy and Recall Treatment (CART) has shown promising research for written and verbal word retrieval of the targeted words with persons with aphasia. There is even a modified version for texting!

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What's Included?

This 10-page download includes everything you need to implement CART in your therapy session with personalized words.  It includes: 

  • Research Summaries + Step-by-Step Protocol Cheat Sheet (for Writing and Texting)
  • Customizable Picture List Template so you can add relevant pictures
  • Printable In-Session Template + Home Program Template
  • Documentation Samples, + In-Session Scoring Forms



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Bundle & Save!

Functional Treatment for Aphasia Bundle


This 110+-page download will let you use evidence in a meaningful way to improve word-finding, conversation, functional phrases, writing, texting, and more for those with aphasia. Target relevant communication needs with everything you need to use these interventions in therapy:

  • Verb Network Strengthening Training (VNeST)
  • Script Training
  • Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA)
  • Copy and Recall Treatment (CART)
  • Response Elaboration Training (RET)
  • Conversation Partner Training
  • BONUS: Life Participation Approach Handout
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